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Client: New Hrizon Youth Centre

Architect: Adam Khan Architects

​​Value: £1.5M

James was the project engineer for the extension and alterations to this youth centre near London’s Euston Station.

The design provides flexible private spaces, communal areas and a stimulating performance and learning area. The double height extension space with a very large dormer window has a hyperbolic paraboloid roof. This interesting curved shape is formed from straight line elements, so all the vertical or horizontal lines are straight, allowing use of regular steel and timber sections.

The floors are accessed via a new precast concrete cantilever stair, carefully designed to fit within the existing building. 

Awards: RIBA Award 2010; Civic Trust Award, Commendation 2012.

​Image credits: Adam Khan Architects, David Grandorge


"James is a terrific engineer and a great pleasure to work with. His creativity, ingenuity and rigour have been instrumental to the success of our projects over the years"

Adam Khan, Director, Adam Khan Architects - 2021

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